i hate this holiday...
i hate it i hate it i hate it

all it is is an easy way to make people force fistfuls of food down their throat... gross.
i cant stand the weight inside my stomach right now, makes me wanna puke.
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i find it so strange and hard to comprehend how someone you never knew before could open their hearts and minds to you when the closest friends and family dont seem to give a damn.  i luckly have a few i can add to that category.  most of all my college counselor.  it makes me want to cry seeing the sheer kindness... but then makes me want to cry harder when i realize she gives more of a damn for me than my own mother... sad
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god's games

now, im sure some people may get upset over this, but its how i feel.

god is a sick sadistic person.  how else can you explain all he puts some of us through??? "he's testing you"
for what?!?! and im pretty sure ive had a hundred tests, why do i need anymore? why am i so "special" to him rather than the people all around me?

god, let me have one happy thing in my life without you taking it away or ruining it.... please
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